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I have always been fascinated with the West: cowboys, western music, rodeo and so on.
I was asked why these pictures are in our "Gallery" and it's just because I thought I'd
like to share some of what I've collected. The rodeo photos are mostly by Ralph R.
Doubleday, pioneer rodeo photographer from the Round-Up at Belle Fourche, SD.
(No, I wasn't there.--Bob)



Skyrocket Vs. Calgary Red, 1917

Mabel Strickland Roping Steer, 1920s

Lee Caldwell On A Flying Devil, Miles City Roundup, 1914

Roman Race, 1921

Black Hills Round-Up, 1929

Leonard Stroud Riding Chief Over Auto, Belle Fourche Round-Up

Fred Hensler on Golden Rule, 1921

Wheatland Gets a Shot From Buck Shot, Tri-State Round-Up, Belle Fourche, 1921

Al Garrett on Sure Fire, Belle Fourche, 1921

Bonnie McCarroll Thrown From Silver, 1920s (Photo by W.S.Bowman)

No Info

Howard Teglund on Tipperary, Belle Fourche Round-Up. This is one of the most famous buckin' horses of all time.

Mrs. Keenan on Strip, Belle Fourche, 1921

Hill on Rainbow, Belle Fourche, 1921

Sharkey, The Famous Bucking Bull, 1913

Leonard Stroud Riding Black Diamond

At A Boy Mose, 1917

Yakima Canutt on Rainbow, Belle Fourche, 1921. (Canutt played in lots of western movies later, usually as a heavy.)

Ralph Smith on Sure Fire, Belle Fourche, 1921

Hank Burnell Strutting His Stuff, 1924

Kit McCrory on Tropper, Belle Fourche, 1921

A Nice Gentle Saddle Pony

Tango, 1917

Harold Ekberg on Tar Baby, Belle Fourche, 1925

Four of a Kind at the Tri-State Round-Up, Belle Fourche, 1921

Sweden Taking Header With Floyd Stillings

Chug Wilson Thrown From Broken Box

Hedges Says "Good Bye" Good Luck, Belle Fourche, 1921

Oklahoma Curly on Tipperary, Belle Fourche, 1921

Bare Back Riding?


AL Wilkenson on Torpedo, 1941 (courtesy of Troy Walz)

George Robertson Riding a Buffalo at Custer County Fair and Rodeo, August 21,1935 (courtesy of Troy Walz)

Broken Bow, Custer County, NE (courtesy of Troy Walz)