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       Photo by Diana Suckiel 

square dance tunes..  

authentic cowboy songs..    


blues & ragtime..    

sentimental duets..    

novelty songs..yodels & tin pan alley favorites


Since 1980 Bob and Gail have traveled the country together taking old time music to audiences of all ages at festivals, fairs, concerts, dances, schools, libraries, music camps, radio and TV programs. This is rural music as played in homes, at dances and for earlier entertainments such as minstrel shows and country radio. Along with a repertoire including dance tunes, ballads, cowboy songs, humorous and sentimental numbers, blues and rags, they spice their shows with stories, history and folklore. They both sing (Bob yodels, too) and play fiddle, banjo, guitar and harmonica.

Check out the article on Bob & Gail in the Spring, 2004 issue of The Old-Time Herald magazine. 

Here's a live clip from the 2009 Big Muddy Folk Festival: http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=W8xzSqOtu0k&feature=related

Bob Bovee & Pop Wagner on Prairie Public TV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpVWCeFAKnQ



"No one handles old-time cowboy and humorous songs better than Bob. His vocals are hauntingly rough. His guitar and harmonica are as good as you will ever hear. Gail is one of the top fiddlers in the country, and her vocals are worth the price of admission. Whether performing in concert, playing for a barn dance, or on a recording, Bob & Gail leave you wanting more." Don Stevens, All Music Guide

"Their taste and sensitivity to repertoire, arrangement and execution are unimpeachable."  
Bill Hinckley, Buzz Magazine

"Bovee and Heil's performances are bitingly authentic, without ever sounding imitative, and their vocal and instrumental styles blend beautifully." Paul Stamler, Come For To Sing
"I've long felt that Bob is one of the great singers of cowboy song alive today."  Kerry Blech, The Old Time Herald     

"Have you heard those real old recordings of a cowboy singing a traditional song? The songs have an 'old' quality about them, and the singers' voices seem to belong to a dried up old puncher just in from of the trail. Well, intentional or not, that is exactly how Bob Bovee sounds. His voice isn't pretty, but it's darn sure true to the genre...he renders these songs with authenticity and affection. It seems as though he belongs to this music and it to him."  Cowboy Magazine


 For more information about Bob and Gail, or the Bluff Country Gathering or the Lanesboro Barn Dance you can reach us at:

Bob Bovee
18287 Gap Dr.
Spring Grove, MN 55974
507-498-5452  or  bobngail@springgrove.coop